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Title : Let George Do It!

Genre : Comedy

Cast : George Formby (George Hepplewhite), Phyllis Calvert (Mary Wilson), Bernard Lee (Oscar), Ronald Shiner (Musician), Garry Marsh (Mendez), Romney Brent (Slim Selwyn), Coral Browne (Iris), Helena Pickard (Oscar's Wife), Percy Walsh (Schwartz, spy chieftain), Diana Beaumont (Greta, hotel receptionist), Torin Thatcher (U-Boat commander), Donald Calthrop (Frederick Strickland), Hal Gordon (Alf Arbuckle, Dinky Do), Johnnie Schofield (Solicitous steward), Albert Lieven (German radio operator), Bill Shine (Untipped steward), Alec Clunes (Officer), Ian Fleming (Col. Harcourt), Jack Hobbs (Conway), James Knight (Passenger On SS Macaulay), Charles Paton (Simion), Lloyd Pearson (Hotel Manager), Ben Williams (Radio Operator On SS Macaulay), Ian Wilson (Parker, Dinky Do)

Movie Plot : Shortly after the start of World War II, a ukelele player (George) takes the wrong boat and finds himself in (still uninvaded) Norway. He is mistaken for a fellow British intelligence agent by a woman (Mary), and becomes involved in trying to defeat Nazi agents.

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