"The Fargo Kid" Full Movie

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Title : The Fargo Kid

Genre : Western

Cast : Tim Holt (The Fargo Kid), Ray Whitley (Johnny), Emmett Lynn (Whopper), Jane Drummond (Jenny Winters), Ernie Adams (Bush Cleveland), Paul Fix (Deuce Mallory), Paul Scardon (Caleb Winters), Glenn Strange (Sheriff Dave), Mary MacLaren (Mrs. Sarah Winters), Ken Card (Banjo player), Tommy Coats (Banjo player), Billy Franey (Banjo player), Dick Hogan (Young Man with Ore), Herman Nowlin (Deputy), Ezra Paulette (Musician), Lee Phelps (Bartender), Charles Quirk (Musician), Rudy Sooter (Bass player), Hayden Stevenson (Micaville Hotel Clerk), Cy Kendall (Nick Kane)

Movie Plot : The Fargo Kid is mistaken for a killer and is hired to kill another man...

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