"Guest Wife" Full Movie

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Title : Guest Wife

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Claudette Colbert (Mary Price), Don Ameche (Joseph Jefferson 'Joe' Parker), Dick Foran (Christopher Price), Charles Dingle (Arthur Truesdale Worth), Grant Mitchell (House Detective), Wilma Francis (Susy), Chester Clute (Urban Nichols), Irving Bacon (Nosey Stationmaster), Hal K. Dawson (Dennis), Edward Fielding (Arnold)

Movie Plot : Christopher Price, a small-town bank executive, continues to be loyal to and idolize his boyhood friend, Joseph Jefferson Parker, a famous war correspondent. But Chris's wife, Mary, is none to fond of Joe and tired of her husband's idolizing. On the eve of the Price's second-honeymoon trip to New York City, Joe arrives and tells Chris that he needs someone to pose as his wife in order to fool his boss in NYC, who thinks Joe got married to an overseas woman while on an assignment. Chris pushes Mary into posing as Joe's wife. In New York, this leads to many complications and misunderstandings, with Mary finally deciding to teach Chris and Joe a lesson by making them believe she is in love with Joe.

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