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Title : Your Witness

Genre : Crime, Drama, Comedy

Cast : Robert Montgomery (Adam Heyward), Leslie Banks (Col. Roger Summerfield), Felix Aylmer (The British Judge), Andrew Cruickshank (Sir Adrian Horth K.C), Patricia Cutts (Alex Summerfield), Harcourt Williams (Richard Beamish), Jenny Laird (Mary Baxter), Michael Ripper (Samuel Baxter), Ann Stephens (Catherine Summerfield), Wylie Watson (Mr. Widgery), Noel Howlett (Martin Foxglove K.C.), James Hayter (Prouty), John Sharp (Police Constable Hawkins), Shelagh Fraser (Ellen Foster), Meadows White (Warder), Dandy Nichols (Waitress), Stanley Baker (Police Sgt. Bannoch), Erik Chitty (Judge's Clerk), Amy Dalby (Mrs. Widgely), Philip Dale (Jim Foster), Wensley Pithey (Alfred), Hal Osmond (Taxi Driver), Lyonel Watts (Vicar), Derrick Penley (Clerk of Assize), Ruth Lee (Miss Hubert), Basil Cunard (Dart Player #3), Anthony Cundell (Dart Player #1), Fred Essex (Dart Player #4), Fred Groves (Dart Player #6), Duncan Lewis (Dart Player #2), Herbert C. Walton (Dart Player #5)

Movie Plot : Adam Hayward is a successful New York City defense lawyer. One day he receives a cable that the British war buddy who saved his life at Anzio Beach is now in trouble with the law in England. Taking the advice of his secretary to go to England rather than wire money, Adam arrives in his friend's village to find him about to stand trial for the murder of the hired stable-hand, Lawrence.

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