"A Matter of Dignity" Full Movie

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Title : A Matter of Dignity

Genre : Drama

Cast : Ellie Lambeti (Hloi Pella), Eleni Zafeiriou (Katerina), Dimitris Papamichael (Markos), Giorgos Pappas (Kleon Pellas), Michalis Nikolinakos (Galanos), Athena Michaelidou (Roxanni Pella), Minas Christidis (Nikos Dritsas), Vasilis Kailas (Vasilakis), Zorz Sarri (Rena), Despo Diamantidou (Katy), Mairi Hronopoulou (), Despoina Nikolaidou (), Dimitris Hoptiris (), Dimitra Zeza (), Nikos Fermas ()

Movie Plot : During one of her parents many parties, Chloe learns they're bankrupt. She's being courted by Niko, a wealthy Greek American, so she decides to charm him. He's quickly captivated. That night, she also meets the masculine Galanos and sparks fly. Niko proposes, Chloe accepts, Galanos tries to change her mind. Her father wants to disclose their finances to Niko, her mother argues against it as a matter of dignity. The family's long-time servant must care for her son, who's had an accident. She's has not been paid in months, reminds Chloe to send money, and waits in her village as hospital bills mount. The servant comes back to Athens, confronts Chloe's mother, and a crisis ensues.

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