"Garden of Delights" Full Movie

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Title : Garden of Delights

Genre : Drama

Cast : Maurice Ronet (Carlo), Ida Galli (Carla), Lea Massari (), Franco Bertoni (), Vanna De Rosas (), Ruggero Miti (), Piero Carpani (), Sando Gamba (), Vittorio Trainini (), Leida Cazzuli (), Franco Dora (), Giovanni Bertulli (), Ernesto Pintori (), Sandro Damiani ()

Movie Plot : Charlo and Carla are on their honeymoon. She is three months pregnant. He, furious about his marriage of convenience, recalls the past and ponders on The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, dear to the Surrealists. While she is bleeding, he spends the night with a beautiful stranger...

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