"Women's Camp 119" Full Movie

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Title : Women's Camp 119

Genre : Thriller, Horror, War

Cast : Lorraine De Selle (Maria Black (as Lorraine De Salle)), Ivano Staccioli (Wieker, the Camp Commander), Ria De Simone (Marta, the Chief Kapo), Nello Riviè (Dr. David Meisel), Gabriele Carrara (Oberleutnant Otto Ohlendorff), Giovanni Attanasio (Kurt), Sonia Viviani (Cristina), Marina Daunia (Jewish prisoner (as Marina D'Aunia)), Monica Nickel (Jewish prisoner), Gota Gobert (Kapo (as Gotha Kopert)), Titti Benvenuto (), Eva Hutzar (), Miriam Gravina (), Manuela Mura (), Pino Pupella (), Dino Chiappini (), Ennio Cialone ()

Movie Plot : A prisoner is forced to serve as a doctor's assistant, giving her a front row seat for the horrible goings-on. There's the experiment to revive Nazi soldiers who have frozen to death by having nude women rub their bodies all over the corpse (that one works), and the experiment tries to "cure" homosexual men by having nude women dance for them. This is only some of the horrors that are going on there.

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