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Title : Americathon

Genre : Comedy

Cast : John Ritter (President Chet Roosevelt), Harvey Korman (Monty Rushmore), Fred Willard (Vincent Vanderhoff), Chief Dan George (Sam Birdwater), Richard Schaal (Jerry), Peter Riegert (Eric McMurkin), Nancy Morgan (Lucy Beth), Meat Loaf (Oklahoma Daredevil, Roy Budnitz), Elvis Costello (The Earl of Manchester), Howard Hesseman (Kip Margolis), Jay Leno (Larry Miller (Poopy Butt)), Peter Marshall (Himself), Nellie Bellflower (Missy, VP Advertising), Zane Buzby (Mouling Jackson), Terence McGovern (Danny Olson), Tommy Lasorda (Jimmy Dumphy), Jimmy Weldon (Big Jim, VP Research), Robert Beer (David Eisenhower), Allan Arbus (Moishe Weitzman), David Opatoshu (Abdul Muhammad), George Carlin (Narrator)

Movie Plot : In a story told in narrative flashbacks, a young TV consultant is hired by the President of a bankrupt USA to organize a telethon in order to prevent the country from being repossessed by wealthy Native Americans.

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