"Heads or Tails" Full Movie

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Title : Heads or Tails

Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller

Cast : Philippe Noiret (Inspecteur Louis Baroni), Michel Serrault (Edouard Morlaix), Dorothée (Laurence Bertil), Pierre Arditi (Pierre Larrieu), Bernard Le Coq (Phillipe)

Movie Plot : Since his wife died, Inspector Louis Baroni (Philippe Noiret) has become a virtual recluse, preferring the solitude of his quiet house to the company of others. His period of mournful contemplation is broken when he is called out to look into the suspicious death of Madame Morlaix who, according to her husband Edouard (Michel Serrault), fell from an upstairs window. Curious to find out more, Baroni begins his inquiry.

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