"My Neighbours are Phantoms" Full Movie

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Title : My Neighbours are Phantoms

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : Natalis Chan (Dragon Chan Pak Lung), Chung Fat (Doggie Chan Ah Kau), Sharla Cheung Man (Siu Sin), Chingmy Yau (Sandy), Cutie Mui Siu-Wai (Yummie), Mondi Yau Yuet-Ching (Siu Hung), Amy Yip (Busty Ceng / Biggie Tsang), Felix Lok Ying-Kwan (Master Vampire), Charlie Cho (Charlie Cheung), Derek Kwok Jing-Hung (Lung's Colleague), Sherman Wong (Master Vampire's Son), Law Ching-Ho (Wan / Victor), Chu Tit-Wo (Officer Chan), Mama Hung (Old Woman Who Gets Robbed)

Movie Plot : Chingmy starts noticing some very odd things about the neighbors and it turns out they they are evil spirits needing the blood of 49 humans. Cheung Man is one of these spirits - but a kind hearted one who falls in love with Natalis Chan

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