"Lee Rock" Full Movie

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Title : Lee Rock

Genre : Drama, Action, Crime

Cast : Andy Lau (Lee Rock), Sharla Cheung Man (Grace), Chingmy Yau (Rose), Ng Man Tat (Lardo), Paul Chun (Sergeant Ngan Tung), Tam Sin-Hung (Mrs Chan), Lung Fong (Snake), Michael Chan (King Crab), Victor Hon Kwan (Hau), James Tien (Silverfish), Lee Siu-Kei (Drill Officer), Eddy Ko (Police Instructor), Huang Yifei (Rose's father), Jamie Luk Kim-Ming (Little Brother M), Louis Roth (Commissioner Alan), Chun Wong (Big Brother Ma), Kwan Hoi-San (Sergeant Chan)

Movie Plot : The film chronicles the rise and fall of a corrupt police force that Lee Rock becomes a part of.

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