"Women" Full Movie

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Title : Women

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Cast : Marine Delterme (Marie), Florence Thomassin (Jeanne), Amira Casar (Alice), Vincent Cassel (Eric), Àlex Casanovas (Theo), Thomas Kretschmann (Franck), Jean-Philippe Écoffey (Marco), Louis-Do de Lencquesaing (Laurent), Christophe Bernard (Alex), Manuel de Blas (Père d'Alice), Marie Laforêt (Mère de Marie), Geneviève Mnich (Mère d'Eric), Jules Nassah (Rémi), Mapi Galán (Carmen), Marc de Jonge (Jean), Stéphane Boucher (Conducteur R.E.R.), Guy Perrot (Robert), Mónica Pont (Chica / Girl), Natacha Lindinger (Jeune femme terrasse), Arnaud Viard (L'inconnu terrasse), Bruno Allain (Serveur terrasse), Beatriz Argüello (Jeune fille), Alejandro Balaguero (1er copain Franck), Joan Manuel Rodriguez (2ème copain Franck), Jeff Thompson (Garçon toilettes boîte de nuit), Marc Faure (L'inconnu de 50 ans), Jacques Verclyt (Beau-père Jeanne), María del Carmen Olmo (Femme de ménage), Patrick Alessandrin (uncredited), Lisa Azuelos (uncredited), Antoine Basler (uncredited), Cristina Collado (Carole (uncredited)), Mónica Gracia (uncredited), Foued Nassah (uncredited), José Sacristán (uncredited), Claudia Schneider (uncredited)

Movie Plot : Every Sunday, Mary, Alice and Joan, three long-time friends, find themselves at the pool to talk about their love affairs. Mary, who is a stockbroker, leads her love life with meetings. One night she is raped by Franck in a nightclub toilet. The young woman then discovers she is pregnant. Alice, a student dominated by an authoritarian father, she has difficult relationship with men. She meets a painter who wants to make her his model. Jeanne lives a dreary relationship with her husband and decides to work and earn a living through prostitution.

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