"Night of the Serpent" Full Movie

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Title : Night of the Serpent

Genre : Western

Cast : Luke Askew (Luke), Luigi Pistilli (Colonel Hernandez/'The Snake'), Magda Konopka (Maria), Chelo Alonso (Dolores), Guglielmo Spoletini (Antonio Pancaldo), Franco Balducci (Luciano), Giancarlo Badessi (Ignacio), Luciano Casamonica (Manuel), Mónica Miguel (Ignacio's wife), Franco Valobra (Jesus Maria), Benito Stefanelli (Pancho)

Movie Plot : Hernandez, the sheriff of a small Mexican village, joins a group of townsmen with the intention of killing young orphan Manuel and robbing him of his inheritance. Killer Luke, now an alcoholic for having murdered his own son by mistake, who is chosen for the task, instead decides to take the defence of the poor child.

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