"The Year of the First Kiss" Full Movie

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Title : The Year of the First Kiss

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : Oliver Korittke (Tristan (erwachsen)), Max Mauff (Tristan (jung)), Thomas Drechsel (Stefan 'Specki'), Diane Willems (Kerstin), Johanna ter Steege (Tristans Mutter), Claudia Neidig (Simones Mutter), Christian Tasche (Simones Vater), Jockel Tschiersch (Deutschlehrer)

Movie Plot : 31 year-old Tristan remembers the time when he was 15 and had just hit puberty. But he is not alone in this, he is with a large group of friends: Specki, a fat kid who is always stuffing himself, Streusel, a cheeky boy covered with spots, Tümai, a pretty Turkish girl, Kerstin, best friend of Tümai and very sporty, Elrond, with a heavy stutter, but regardless extremely popular and good looking, Lars and Simone, so far the only couple in the class who spend most of their time smooching and Long Jana, a girl who is at least 6 foot tall and extremely skinny.

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