"Net Games" Full Movie

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Title : Net Games

Genre : Thriller, Romance

Cast : C. Thomas Howell (Adam Vance), Lala Sloatman (Angel), Samuel Ball (Ray Walters), Monique Demers (Jennifer Vance), Maeve Quinlan (Detec. Sandra Simmonds), Vanessa Evigan (Peg Wallace), Reggie Lee (Laurence), Ed Begley Jr. (John Fielding), Marina Sirtis (Cindy Fielding), Rachelle Carson (Rita), Andrew Van Slee (Delivery Guy), Scott E. Smith (Devil on computer Screen), Bebe Rudu (Alicia), Yuji Hasegawa (Business Man), Debbie Entin (School Teacher), Joan Van Ark (Dr. Klein), Lochlyn Munro (Inmate)

Movie Plot : The successful publicist Adam Vance of the SFC is in the middle of a campaign to get an important Japanese client and is needy of sex because his traumatized wife Jennifer Vance was raped one year ago and is totally frigid, refusing to have sex. His close friend and colleague Ray Walters suggests Adam to visit the porn site cyber chat.net, where lonely people have erotic conversation. Adam meets Angel, a luscious woman and hacker while his wife is visiting her rapist in the prison with her therapist as part of her treatment. When Adam decides to finish his virtual affair with Angel, he is chased and blackmailed by the deranged sexy killer.

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