"24/7 - The Passion of Life" Full Movie

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Title : 24/7 - The Passion of Life

Genre : Drama

Cast : Mira Gittner (Lady Maria), Marina Anna Eich (Eva Hohmer), Christoph Baumann (Dominik), Michael Burkhardt (Mike), Reinhard Wendt (Elfriede), Lydia Hippel (Lydia), Bernhard Keberle (Fischer), Patricia Koch (Stefanie Evans), Sabine Krappweis (Alexandra Loskant), Claire Plaut (Swinger), Anja Schoenleben (Esther)

Movie Plot : Eve, a hotelier’s daughter, and Magdalena, a sociologist who works as the dominatrix “Lady Maria” in an S & M studio, meet coincidentally through a motorcycle accident. Fascinated by the bizarre world of Lady Maria, Eve begins to search for her own identity and sexuality and goes on an odyssey through the hidden locations of lust - dominatrix studio, swinger club, striptease bar – and meets other people torn between their desires: Dominik, who wants to empathize with the life and suffering of Jesus, and Mike, who pretends to be Eve's travel guide of desire and falls madly in love with her.

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