"Triyacharitra" Full Movie

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Title : Triyacharitra

Genre : Drama

Cast : Rajeshwari Sachdev (Bimli), S.M. Zaheer (Bodhan Mahto), Mansi Upadhyay (Mantoria's mother), Deepak Qazir (Khansahib), Kanika Shivpuri (Diesel Mahtari), Gagan Gupta (Billar), Haneef Zahoor (Cleaner Pande), Kuldip Kaur (Ramkali), Babli Singh (Champa), Indrajeet Sachdev (Bimli's father), Radha Asrani (Bimli's mother), Arun Desai (Pujari), Ajit Banerjee (Munshiji), Baghi Chandel (Husband of Mantoria's mother), Prashant Jaiswal (Village youth)

Movie Plot : A daughter of poor parents was engaged to a man when she was 13. The man is away working in Calcutta. In the meanwhile, she befriends a truck-driver who promises her parents a huge amount of money. The girl is snatched away by her father-in-law and raped by him. But she is punished for his crime.

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