"Green Hearts" Full Movie

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Title : Green Hearts

Genre : Romance

Cast : Laura Bach (), Hassan Preisler (), David Rousing (), Christine Albeck Børge (), Stanislav Sevcik (), Marina Bouras (), Lisa M. Bentzen (), Gry Bay ()

Movie Plot : Epo, Dingo and Grandpa are bicycle couriers for Copenhagen's Green Couriers. The three friends love the freedom of their jobs, but should have started careers years ago. Grandpa and Dingo are in steady relationships. Epo is a swinging single, to the jealous chagrin of his two pals. Nobody picks up the best-looking receptionists in town like Epo - before he meets Cecilie, that is. Conversely, Grandpa and Dingo have finally resolved to break out of the constricting confines of their commitments. They are turning over a new leaf, but is it really what they are after?

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