"The Swiss Miss Massacre" Full Movie

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Title : The Swiss Miss Massacre

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : Mike Müller (Pino Falk), Patrick Rapold (Serge), Meryl Valerie (Jasmin), Martin Rapold (Didi), Sabina Schneebeli (Mutter Jasmin), Joel Basman (Johnny), Max Loong (Benno Kälin), Anouschka Renzi (Carmen)

Movie Plot : Jasmin ( Meryl Valerie ) is crowned the new Miss Zurich because the real winner is decapitated in an unexpected way. To mourn the dead Miss does not remain much time, because shortly afterwards the remaining beauties have in a Missen-Camp, which takes place on an island in Tanga Atoll. What begins in paradise ends in hell - a masked killer brings a Miss at a time. Quick is clear: The murderer is among them. While superior to the one Miss contestants how to outwit and kill the murderer, the other run for their lives. The jungle turns into a battlefield. Now the girls must remain calm. However, this is easier said than done. Candidates freak out and can not really look different from the face of death. Jasmin, who appears among the candidates to be the only normal to be in love, meanwhile the photographer Serge ( Patrick Rapold ). Together they try to escape the killer. Can they escape the fearsome killer, or they face an ugly death?

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