"A Millionaire on the Run" Full Movie

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Title : A Millionaire on the Run

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Cast : Park Jin-young (Choi Yeong-in), Cho Seong-ha (Han Sang-moo), Min Hyo-rin (Mi-ri), Oh Jung-se (Gang Pil-soo), Lee Kyung-young (Congressman Park), Ko Kyoung-pyo (Hyung-chul), Jo Hee-Bong (Boss Jo), Cho Jin-woong (Kim Seung-dae)

Movie Plot : Young-in and his colleague Seung-dae are a pair of professional bagmen working for various lobbyists in finance, media and a host of other industries requiring political favors. Feeling guilty about his work, Seung-dae tells Young-in he plans on blowing the whistle on his boss Han’s illegal activities.

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