Soul (2020)

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Soul (2020)

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Original Language    :    English
Year    :   
Genre    :   
Time    :    00 Hours 00 Minutes
Budget    :    $150,000,000.00
Revenue    :    $136,384,442.00

Movie: Soul (2020)[508442] Joe Gardner is a middle school teacher with a love for jazz music. After a successful gig at the Half Note Club, he suddenly gets into an accident that separates his soul from his body and is transported to the You Seminar, a center in which souls develop and gain passions before being transported to a newborn child. Joe must enlist help from the other souls-in-training, like 22, a soul who has spent eons in the You Seminar, in order to get back to Earth.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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Written by SWITCH. on December 29, 2020
In a year where most of us have been trapped indoors, the timing of 'Soul's' release can be seen as either a blessing or a curse. For some, it will act as a calming balm for a tough year; the perfect vehicle for inducing a good cry. Others, on the other hand, may reject it as yet another unnecessary mirror held up to their biggest fears exacerbated by a year where living with perceived “purpose“ has been near impossible. No matter which side of this you fall on, 'Soul' implores you to find beauty and gratitude in your circumstances. There is no doubt that is by far the best film Pixar has relea... read the rest.

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