"The Guardsman" Full Movie

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Title : The Guardsman

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : Alfred Lunt (The Actor), Lynn Fontanne (The Actress), Roland Young (The Critic), Zasu Pitts (Liesl), Maude Eburne ('Mama'), Herman Bing (A Creditor), Ann Dvorak (Fan Saying 'There He Is' (uncredited))

Movie Plot : An acclaimed actor and his equally acclaimed actress wife, who have been married for less than a year, are already showing signs of strain in their marriage. The actor believes his wife is capable of infidelity and sets out to prove this is so. Disguising himself as the kind of man he believes she fancies (a Russian military officer), the actor woos his wife while she believes him (her husband, that is) to be out of town. The actress shows every sign of succumbing to the "Russian's" advances, yet the husband can never quite put the stamp of certainty on her behavior. The truth eventually reveals itself...or does it?

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