"Tjorven and Mysak" Full Movie

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Title : Tjorven and Mysak

Genre : Family

Cast : Maria Johansson (Maria "Tjorven" Grankvist), Stephen Lindholm (Pelle Melkersson), Torsten Lilliecrona (Melker Melkersson), Louise Edlind (Malin Malm), Torsten Wahlund (Peter Malm), Kajsa Dandenell (Skrållan Malm), Bengt Eklund (Nisse Grankvist), Eva Stiberg (Märta Grankvist), Siegfried Fischer (gubben Söderman), Kristina Jämtmark (Stina), Manne Grünberger (fiskaren Vesterman)

Movie Plot : Tjorven and the other children at Seacrow island have received a play day in a gift. Uncle Melker will find himself ending up in the lake several times. The kids also have found an old ship that will be named Albertina. They divide themselves into two pirate gangs and fights about the wishing stone Mysak.

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