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Title : The Wedding Party

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Armin Rohde (Hermann Walzer), Uwe Ochsenknecht (Franz Berger), Arne Lenk (Mark Walzer), Julia Schmidt (Yvonne Walzer), Imogen Kogge (Hannelore Walzer), Josef Heynert (Andy Walzer), Lisa Maria Potthoff (Sophie Halberstadt), Fabian Hinrichs (Alexander Halberstadt), Stephan Bissmeier (Herbert Halberstadt), Nadeshda Brennicke (Marie Baumann), Steffi K├╝hnert (Irene Emmerich), Johann Adam Oest (Pfarrer), Hilde Van Mieghem (Nele Schneider-Rebholt), Marlon Kittel (Arne), Michaela Rosen (Susanne Halberstadt), Matthias Redlhammer (Ulrich)

Movie Plot : In rural Westphalia, Franz Berger struggles to keep his inn open. On this day, a bluff, overbearing bully, Hermann Walzer, has booked the dining room for a wedding banquet for his son Mark. There's bad blood between Berger and Walzer, so when the first course, shrimp cocktail, is off, Hermann storms out with the wedding party vowing not to pay. Franz locks the loo door, taking prisoners of the bride and Hermann's wife while he also locks the estate's outer gates, leaving Hermann and the rest outside. Walzer, a pheasant hunter, lays siege; shotguns, rifles, grenades, a shovel, and other weapons leave no one safe. Will it take death to bring these men to their senses?

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