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Title : Tobruk

Genre : War, History

Cast : Jan Meduna (Private Jiří Pospíchal), Petr Vaněk (Private Jan Lieberman), Robert Nebřenský (Corporal Kohák), Michal Novotný (Private Ruzicka), Radim Fiala (Lieutenant Halík), Martin Nahálka (Sergeant Borný), Matúš Krátky (Private Janický), Kryštof Rímský (Private Kutina), Petr Lněnička (Private Sajda), Andrej Polák (Private Dunda), Petr Stach (Private Dubálek)

Movie Plot : It is the story of Jiri and Jan, two Czech soldiers, battling alongside the allied forces against the Germans, during World War II in Tobruk, Libya. Jiri Pospichal, eighteen years old, signs up as a volunteer in the Czechoslovak army. His naive ideas about heroism are rawly confronted with the hell of the African desert, complicated relationships in his unit and the ubiquitous threat of death.

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