"A Clockwork Blue" Full Movie

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Title : A Clockwork Blue

Genre :

Cast : Tracy Handfuss (Nancy), Maria Arnold (Betsy Ross), Suzanne Fields (Marie Antoinette), Mady Maguire (Priscilla), Rene Bond (Anne Boleyn), Jane Allyson (Helen), John Vincent (Thomas Cromwell), Sebastian Brook (Louis XVI), Ray Sebastian (Paris), Donn Greer (Caesar), George Berkeley (Professor), William Bagdad (Painter), Joe E. Tata (Homer), Sandy Carey (Paul Revere's Girl (uncredited)), Sandy Dempsey (Helen's Lady-in-Waiting (uncredited)), Ric Lutze (Indian / Roman (uncredited)), Annette Michael (Indian Girl (uncredited)), Carmen Olivera (Dancing Girl (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Hapless researcher Homer travels through time, jumping through the erotic history of civilization. From George Washington to Marie Antoinette,

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